Monday, January 12, 2009

the population of rolly backpacks is OUT OF CONTROL

i started classes today...

actually, i've only been to one so far




it's really a lot of the same stuff I did in highschool

but it'll be nice to get back with clay again

i'm off to painting class in bit here

so far. it's tolerable

i'm not so sure how i feel about being at the texas campus

instead of downtown

i feel like there's a very large population of

rolling backbacks... [carry your shit]

dump people... [they're everywhere!]

socially inept people... [yeeeah...awkward!]

not to mention all the people from highschool

that i'd really rather not see anymore.

or talk to

or whatever


i think i'll go back downtown next winter

it doesn't feel quite so much like a community college down there.

it's more like a small private design school.

then i think i'll finish an associates in either graphic design or illustration.


I got a new job!


i quite the GAP :D

best day of my life


i got a job at a Greenhouse in comstock

planting stuff, basically doing factory type work, but in a better environment. :)

anyhoo, it pays much better and the hours are better

so that oughta hold me over until this summer

oh summer

i'm really starting to miss Mackinac

i wasn't sure when i left if i'd go back for another summer

but i miss is too much to not go back for at least one more year

i hope too that gary will come back north

even if he doesn't work for the parks

i'd miss him terribly if he was in Jackson for the summer :(
Sunday, January 4, 2009

here's to old farewells and new beginnings

I'm afraid i've negleted this poor blog.

I'm afraid the way i've left things off since the last post suggests i found the railroad tracks ;P

nevermind about that

things are much much better

my darling is a safe warm place

with a fluffy homicidal muffin on legs [kitten] to keep him company.

I have since gotten a job at the GAP which i hope to quite soon

in favor of working at a greenhouse planting plants and the like

i finished my 3rd semester in college

and have since begun to re-evaluate what i'm doing with my life

it's been a 'fun' trip....


i was at work the other day

i really didn't want to be there to begin with

it was New Years Day for crying out loud...

AND i had worked the night before.

who does that? who schedules someone for both those days.

jerks. that's who.


this 'charming' woman comes in

[i was working on the kids side...which i loathe]

and has some returns to make

she was generally unpleasant and not very helpful

she then pulls this kids skirt out that she had bought

and asks if we have anymore in the back,

because that skirt seems to be cut "a little narrow"

but what the problem REALLY is, is that her kid is just too big to fit into it

nevermind that the kid is probably only 5ish years old

and we do happen to offer a plethora of girls skirts made for older girls

i take the skirt from her and do a merchandise locator

[the computer looks to see if we have it in our store, or a nearby store]

it comes up as '1'. which usually means we don't have it, or the only one is already out on the floor.

i tell the woman we don't have any in the back

she says 'well can't you just go back and look?'

me: the computer says there aren't any

her: well can you just go look?

me: no, i can't. there aren't any, anyways.

her: you can't take a minute to go back and check?

me: no, i am the only one on the floor on this side and i cannot leave to go look

her: well how come you don't have any?

me: *shrug* i dunno, we're inbetween seasons right now, it might be on it's way out

her: it just came in yesterday! it's right over there! *points*

me: *shrug* well, i'm sorry, but i can't help you. We don't have any in the back.

her: *storms off* muttering about talking to a manager

ok. the moral of this story, is that if you're a jerk to me. I will do the minimum to serve you.
on the other hand, if your pleasant and nice, i will do whatever i can to help you find what your looking for and save you some money.

so be nice to your cashiers, sales associates, servers etc.

they have more power than you think. :D


ok...enough with the ranting.

i'll try not to neglet this so much...

there's plenty that happened in the last two months, but i'm not going to go over it all

a quick re-cap.

school sucked, but i passed my classes.

the holidays were very nice

i was happy that gary came for christmas dinner

my time has otherwise been spent at's. and home.

school starts again on the 12th. should be fun. my classes:

modern culture & the arts, creative writing, ceramics, and painting.