Saturday, September 29, 2007

...a continuation of things you probably didn't want to know...

so...after i take a shower if i'm not in a rush to go anywhere i usually just wrap a towel around me and just chill.
you know...sit in my whatever hw etc.
well...i was talking to people online tonight...and it just hit me...i'm talking to people in a awkward...

some mornings on my way to school when i have an early class...i pass through a particular interesection towards downtown...
it's right by an elementary school. and there are always two crossing guards there...
now...i don't usually think twice about crossing guards....but these two in particular seem to strike a chord with me.
i don't know why. they seem ordinary enough. but everytime i see them...*twinge*...goes that little inner chord. It seems like there's something more to them than meets the eye.

my theory...they're guardian angels.....

more normal things to report....

so...if you look back a few posts, i posted a bunch of pictures of things i had Xeroxed at Kinkos late one night.

Well i threw about 4 of the rubberband ones into my portfolio to show to a few schools...Columbia, Kendall...and some other random school in Ohio....

the response: they loved them! o_o...i was just cracking up inside as they sat there and went on and on about how great and brilliant they were....i love it. art is a beautiful thing.

ok...artsy people...or even..not artsy website:
you can get a bunch of neat little cards printed with a full color graphic on one side and basic info/text on the other...$20 for a 100 of them....not bad eh?


i'm really hoping that the state government will be able to make up it's damn mind. soon. because if it affects next weekend...and my little trip to mackinac...i am going to be PISSED. hard is it to make a decision....somebody just needs to suck it up and get make a choice. rawr.


oy....i am not made for drama...


how do you know when to draw the line? when to let go? when to pursue? i didn't want to get attached...i don't think that's working out so well...


apparently there's lots of money for graphic designers right now...i just have to find it...

well...i'm looking! actually...i need to get myself a real working website/online portfolio


long day hopefully a visit from Hess! ^_^
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

everything you never wanted to know and more!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Week # 459871568.5

phew....crazy weekend.

Friday i actually did homework, then worked my first shift at work by myself. Did a pretty good job too ^_^.
Saturday went to horsemanship...which wasn't horrible...i cantered my horse a bit, he's got a nice little canter. Saturday night at work was really good. At the end of the night, my last table...stayed until 9:30 ~_~...BUT it was worth it since they left me a $20 tip! O_O...awsome. I think i made about $60ish in tips this weekend.

letssee....Sunday, yesterday. Was awsome. I drove up to Grand Rapids, got there around 5. aaand hung out with Rusty ^_^. We also went to Janna's to visit, had dinner there. That was lots of fun too. I left around 12:30am...o_o...but it was really nice to see him. I think it's been like...over a month. And as far as I know i'll see both of them again in 2 weeks for Fort Fright. ^_^ I'll may carpool with them as well. Which would be fun.

and now it's back to the weekly grind. woot.

In my class this morning, Graphics Careers Seminar, we got a new project.
it's going to be lots of fun. We split up into teams....5 members each, there's a secretary...who's kind of the leader of the group. That's me. There's also a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Marketing Director and an Animator. So it's like a real-life type situation. So, my group is doing

Candyopolis we're calling it...where you are the hero of the story...helping the rebel lifesavers and assorted candies fight the evil liquorice forces.

anyways...we're like getting really into it. It's going to be AMAZING.

OH. so...quirky kurk does have a real name...Ean...or however you spell it. hmm...he didn't really strike me as an Ean...but i spose it fits? He is still rather quirky, but entertaining...>_<

hmm...other news...

There's a Porfolio day at school tomorrow...
Sunday, September 16, 2007

someday soon


do you ever look in the mirror...and just thought to yourself..."i look freaking amazing"
tonight is one of those nights. i do. i look amazing. haha...i am a lot of things....humble is not one of them...:P.
seriously...i look good tonight. to bad i'm not going anywhere :(.
though...apparently i've commited a fashion crime and i am wearing black and i was told by a boy. jeez. not even like...a really fashion smart boy. lol. i don't mind to much...i like this one >_<...

Things are gettin' better all the time. I slept in this morning...yay.
Went to drawing class...which was uber easy today. We worked on doing shading and value...
i think i did a pretty fine job too. ^_^ made me happy.

Work went well. i passed all my training and tests! YAY! i was a little bit worried about them.
mostly because i suck at tests, and if i failed the final test i'd lose my job. which would be bad.
in any case. I'm good to go, and ready to finally start making money off my tables! hurray!
I still have LOTS to learn, but i'm well on my way. So work is getting there. However..if a better opportunity does happen to come better believe i'll take it.

I do still have a fair amount of work to do for school. But i've got tomorrow and friday to work on a lot of it. And if i can get my act together i want to put together a little portfolio to show to some schools on tuesday. They're having a portfolio day at school. I'd be interested in hearing the difference in reaction's since last year. My problem will be narrowing it down to those few pieces of work. o_o. maybe i'll work on that

i think the worst news of today is that....Gas is $2.83....and i JUST topped off my tank at $2.85 cuz i figured it would go up again...almost without fail...everytime i fill up...the very next drops least 5cents....but then if i DON'T fill up...and wait....then it goes up like...10cents....go figure.

Tuesday Night: hell the day was over! sooooooOOo..lets see...what happened since i wrote....

things took a turn for the better. Went to english was uber easy...we listened to a short like...20min lecture...then Peer Reviewed papers and left. AND i don't have class on thursday at all! YAY!!!! because my teacher's doing 10min conferences to go over our rough drafts....and i scheduled mine for tomorrow....AHHHHh!...amazing! i don't have to work on thursday either....! heehee. AMAZING. i love it. letsseee....what else...................

oh! i made arrangments to visit one of my mackinac people on sunday, so hopefully that'll work out. ^_^

work was pretty good today. I waited on about 4 or 5 tables by myself. And did a pretty good job i thought ^_^

AND teehee...i got a pumpkin pie with whipped cream...yummy. and a pumpkin mocha...yummy too. i don't think it gets much better than that...amazing...i love pumpkin stuff. hee...'s tuesday night and things are looking up...much better than tuesday afternoon :P

with any luck this streak'll continue!

Tuesday afternoon:

this week has been a doozy...and it's only tuesday....good lord.

lets add to the list of craziness....

Last night, i'm sitting at home on my computer, checkin' my e-mails and getting ready for a nice relaxing night at home, get a little homework done...etc etc etc.
no...don't be silly.
i'm sitting down for not even....10 min when the phone rings...and it's Work....the job that i've had for not even a whole week. And apparently i was on the schedule for last night...which had no idea, since i was under the assumption that i was working wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. But then, i get put on the schedule for last night, tonight AND tomorrow AND friday and saturday. HOLY poo monkey. seriously. i guess they forgot to warn me, that the woman who makes the schedules is liable to change it without telling people. argh.
SO i end up at work like...half an hour late. ~_~...then i have to work tonight and tomorrow....and it's not that i don't like my job....i mean, i haven't even done it long enough to not like it. I just like to have time to do my homework...which working 3 days a week i can i don't think so. ergh. But tonight is my last night of training so i'll finally be able to start making money off of tips...thank god. i dunno, i think i may keep my eyes open for a better job...

so...i got home from work at like....9pm...had a mocha so i was up until like...2am. o_o.

this morning...i had the freakiest weirdest dream ever. I kept having to go to this house that was haunted by this weird little was terrible....lots of avoiding her...trying to shut doors before she got there....not being able to move fast enough....eck...i hate nightmares...i think that's the second night in a row i've had a nightmare. hate them. i was so jumpy this morning getting ready for school i kept expecting to turn around and see that damn girl.

the night before i had a really weird dream. first of all, i had had a kid...named him Ivan. But i didn't really seem to care about him...i had this weird encounter with one of the guys that i met over the summer. and various other people showed up that i had met over the summer. oy...i think that one may have had to do with me being...homesick?...or islandsick?...whatever, missing the mackinac people. I have no idea what the kid had to do with anything though....strange....

oy. well first me and Jordan (my friend from school....) we thought we'd go on a Scone try and find some luck. But we were hungry....SO we wander up and down the kalamazoo mall....we stopped and looked at this little whole-in-the-wall Chinese place...but it looked a little we kept going...but didn't really find anything. So we keep going up and down the street...then we saw a guy eating the chinese jordan stopped and she asked the guy how it was....he said it was decided to live-a-little and try it. So we go in....and it's seriously a whole-in-the-wall place. After much debate we finally just get some orange chicken and fried rice to go...anyhoo...we go and sit at a table outside...across from Bogies Cafe. But there was this weird guy hanging around there...he was scary. I don't think he was all there...but he kept like...spitting...and i dunno what else he was doing...but he had a very aggressive demeanor. THEN...he pulls out a bag of some food or something...pulls out this huge like...6inch wicked looking knife to open it...and he stabbed and tore the and jordan were already kind of nervous....and that was just too much. SO we got our stuff...and left quickly.

OH! we also had some random guy stop us and ask for some change so he could catch a bus. He was going to go apply to BK. he had the application in his hand...had it all filled out and everything. So i gave him a dollar. whatever...he seemed harmless.

hmm...i think that's all for today...but then...the days not over yet O_O...

i'm really hoping that the week will kind of chill out....I need to look around for a better job too. I don't really love this job...and i hate to be working at a job i don't love. Or i'd at least like to look forward to it. ergh.

phew...i'm tired...ok...English class...then work...then home. 6 hours until i can chill....T_T


so...i'm on my way to school this morning...i left so that i'd make it to class just on time. but lo and behold i am 5min away from the parking garage and a train decides to pass through. and not just any old train....the CIRCUS train. somehow i had a feeling that if i was late to class my teacher would not appreciate "i'm sorry, but the circus train stopped me".....haha....lucklily i made it to class with minutes to spare. but seriously....the circus train?! It was freaking long and slow too...

hm...i haven't been to the circus in many many many years...i don't hardly remember it the one time that i did go. strange. circuses are very weird

well...that's my story of the day...


i for whatever reason...really really miss everyone today. I slept until 2pm...O_O...i did not mean to sleep that all. This morning I had these crazy dreams, most of them involved people i miss....which is probably why i miss everyone so much today. Some more than others I really want to see...*sigh*

hm...i'm hoping things'll pick up soon here. I just want someone to spend time with.

now watch...usually just after i write something like this...something to fullfill my wishes happens...
almost without the history of all my journaling and we shall see. God is pretty cool about these things. :)
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's just one of those things

life has been crazy this past week. Lots of school....lots of homework...lots of required creativity o_o. starting my new job. making's nuts.

lets start with school...

all my classes are good. very relevant to my goal.
Mondays i'm taking Graphics Career Seminar, which will help me figure out the actual logistics of being a Graphic Designer and i'll hopefully find some exposure there.
I'm also taking Design & Appreciation....should be interesting, that class'll be a butt-load of homework...the creative kind :P

lets see.....Tuesdays....Digital Design...i really like that classs, the teacher's impressed...we worked on our first project in class yesterday and she used mine as an example for what it should be. ^_^...woot...brownie points and i wasn't even trying. i'm just that
i've also got College will be a hell of a lot of writing...ew...but our first paper is pretty interesting...we have to write a personal i'm narrating my adventure around mackinac island in the middle of the night with drunk paul O_O. it'll be interesting i think.

Wednesday's is Drawing & here's the thing...i love drawing in my freetime...but i really really hate drawing classes and all the exercises which i know will make me better but just seem to frustrate and bore any case the teacher is cool...a very interesting character and helpful and regardless it'll be a good benificial class.

Thursdays is college writing again...with my teacher who is very interesting character...if he was in a story he would be a very tragic character i think...seems like he's had a sad life...always been the odd one out....i any case he's very intriguing to watch.

Fridays is the Lab for my Graphics Career class...where they'll bring in speakers and whatnot to talk to us about all that graphicy stuff...should be educational and hopefully interesting.


SATURDAY...i have my horsemanship should be intersting....out of about 10 students only 3-4 are real beginners....then there are two obnoxious know-it-alls.....ergh. I'm a know it all too...but i'm a quiet know it all.....i keep my input and comments to as long as they just let me do my thing i'll be ok.......otherwise...i may have issues. But my horse seems pretty nice, he's a 5yr old Dun...quarter horse i believe...and his name is Silver. So i'm hoping he'll be a challenge....or at least fun to ride.

ok...i think that's it for school....good lord....

I started working at Full City Cafe as a first night was tonight....should be an easy job. The girl training my tonight was like...i know i'm throwing a lot at you, but don't get overwhelmed....i was like...pffft...this is nothing compared to training for my last job. Anyways...i'm pretty excited to make some moolah. So far i'm working 3 nights a week....wednesday, friday and saturday. It'll be enough so i've got a little bit of spending money.


All in all...i think life is pretty good. I thrive when there's lots to do. But it's not overwhelming so i still have time to myself which i do require. Friends have been limited basically to the internet....which i'm not particularly thrilled about, but i don't really have time for them outside of that....not realisticly anyways....

ok....i need to get some stuff done...or go to sleep...or something....

until then.........
Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Beauty of Contemporary Art's what i've been reduced too...haha.

last night i hung out with my friend rachel...and it was like...10pm, we were we've got 2 choices...IHOP or Steak'n'Shake....we opted for the former. Anyways we're sitting there talking...i don't even know how we came to this....but we thought to go to Kinkos and make copies of random these are the results:

you get the idea...the thing i love most about that...these copies which cost me...roughly 8cents a piece...can totally be passed off as modern art and sold for $20+ ....haha..i love it.
Thursday, September 6, 2007

because i'm to lazy to edit posts....

today...has been an interesting day. So i get up early this morning to go to my Graphics Career Seminar Lab class. i show up about 10min to starts at 9...there were a few people there....9 rolls around aaand...there's no teacher....not TO big a deal...5 min pass....i start wondering....15min pass...everybody's like...'uhhh...there was class today wasn't there?'....9:30 rolls around...there's still no teacher...the class is over at 10 and there's about 20-30 people waiting for the class. I was finally like...screw it and me and another kid left. I was just pissed at this point. I paid for the class i better have a teacher...and she better have a hell of a good excuse on monday! All the other kids left shortly was annoying.

GOOD NEWS though ^_^
i got a job! yay...*dances* Full City Cafe...where my sister used to got the interview because of her, but they hired me because i'm me ^_^. So looks like i'll be waitressing nights. it makes me laugh a little, just cuz it's SUCH a typical thing to do. Waitressing...and going to college. My biggest concern i think will be getting classwork done...but i don't think that'll be a problem...i'll have time in the mornings and inbetween classes on monday and tuesday...AND weekends.

i got my last paycheck from mackinac...sad....i miss it SO long as i don't think about's usually ok. and hopefully with this job and school and homework i'll be to busy to think about it.


soo i went to my College writing class....and i was like...5 min late O_O...ergh...THEN come to find out that we also meet on i missed the first class! it wasn't on my schedule...rawr.

and the teacher is SO weird. He's extremely quirky...very out there...very sarcastic and somewhat pessimistic...
when he's talking he doesn't really look at anybody..he just kind of stares over our heads....and he spelled suspense wrong....(suspenCe)...this should be an interesting semester. First assigment should be kind of cool though it's a paper about a family story!!! ^_^ that'll be fun.

good news, i've got an interview with Full City Cafe tomorrow! yay! hopefully i'll get a job there and be able to make a little bit of money. I don't want to work that many hours...3 or 4 days a week at most. I still gotta go to homework and it'd be nice to hang out with people every now and then.

other things in the life of me....not much. life

I did discover Walt his stuff.

Jack Johnson. How come i didn't find out about him sooner!? O_O! seriously! love that guy too.

hopefully the pattern for my dress will come soon so i can get fabric...and then make it. It's an 1880's dress for Mackinac next summer....chocolate brown and golden will be beautiful! ^_^ i'm excited...i just hope my skills are up to the task. my patience too!!!

so i guess all in is going well. There are a few things i wish i had. There are WAY to many people that i miss dearly. It's funny because i don't typically miss people that much...but there's a few people from the summer that i made a connection with and i miss having them around. :(. One of these days i'll take some trips ^_^
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

school woot!


my Drawing class...pretty awsome. My teacher is very quirky and seems like an interesting character.
after talking to us for a little while. he gave us a piece of paper and told us we had 2 hours too go out and draw something we saw cool is that? so in my adventures i found this fantastic little cafe...called Bogie cafe on the kalamazoo was i went in and bought a sammich!!!



so, i started my classes yesterday...
first class of the year:

Digital Design. ^_^ should be fun, i hope.
the teacher is very nice and easy going...personable.

i'm waiting to go to Drawing & Composition...o_o...hopefully will be good...
and then i've no clue about the rest of my classes.

all in all this should be a good's kind of neat having basically all my classes downtown...very different enviroment. ^_^ horsemanship class has placed itself rather awkwardly in the middle of my weekends...(a saturday afternoon) so it's in the way of any short trips i could otherwise be taking...-_-...but that ends end of october so hopefully i'll be able to do stuff afterwards...seeing as i have friends all over the state now ^_^

still no job :( ugh...don't know how i'm going to afford myself. $_$ i think parents will help with Gas, at least for going to and from school.

I had picked up a book by Walt Whitman in mackinac at Paul's Shack...and flipped through it...he's very eloquent. So i picked up a copy from the library yesterday...he says some positively profound and beautiful i'm going to go read a bit before class.
Monday, September 3, 2007

Brent's Song.

On Jessica's last night on the island, Brent came down to the porch and serenaded us with his guitar. This is the only song that i got on video, and i think it's really beautiful. I absolutely love it. So I Thought that i would share it with everyone.

first post

well kids...i'm moving up in the world...
haha..ok not really. but i am getting a new prettier blog...

so stay tuned for future bloggings...

i've been home for exactly one week from mackinac...and i want more than anything to be back north.

there is really not much to do in kalamazoo.....

but i'm starting classes tomorrow, so hopefully i'll meet some cool people this next week...that'd be nice.

and of course i made lots of new friends in mackinac to talk to over the internet and whatnot this winter.

there is still plenty for me to do in preperation for next summer...lots of research etc. i definetly don't know enough...:P

well that's all for today...i do tend to blog a lot i'll be in touch >_<