Saturday, April 26, 2008

a dream is a wish your heart makes

i think i may have used that title before...

i've been thinking a lot lately

about life

what i want to do

about the summer

about prospective 'flings'

which i wish would be more than just a summer 'fling'

i say often that i'd rather not be attached...

but it's not that so much as

i don't want to be attached to the wrong one

i'm a little bit afraid of becoming swept up in the emotions of summer

a part of me wants to just withdraw and not put forth anything

then i won't get hurt...

but the other part of me wants to give up everything and in the moment

and i know that i may very well end up getting hurt

i think though...

it might be worth it

for life experience if nothing else

besides i can't really go through my life withdrawn.

i want so badly to just be gone.

to be on the island

in the summer

in the moment


i'm not as tough as i talk

though i think anyone who knows me, knows that very well

i want so much for my life to be settled

i want to skip from here to there

and miss all the muddled inbetween stages

i want to find my niche

i don't know that i'm really cut-out to be a graphic designer

i believe quite firmly that whatever you're occupation is

should be something you are passionate about

and you should live and breathe your passion

i got to thinking...

what do i love?

what do i live for?

what the hell can i make money off of?


as much as gripe and complain about all the idiots i encounter

there are just some truly amazing people

that i do quite frankly love

i live for those moments

those intimate moments with people

the kind that create lasting memories

even if you never see them again

despite my usual lack of words face to face

i get along surprisingly well with a good chunk of the population

i have never found myself in want of a few good (or bad) friends

they always seem to find me

my point is,

no matter where i've gone, or what i've done

very rarely is it for the actual act of going or doing

more often than not, there is someone that i met

that i needed to meet

or needed to meet me

the human experience....

i haven't the slightest idea how this...

"inherent trait" will help me earn a living......

i expect though that i will be taken care of

things will work out

they always do


summer you cannot come soon enough...
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what to do next?

as i'm sitting here in the aftermath of the semester...

pondering several things...for one...that first line of this entry...

and where to go from here.

So, i've finished my first year of college, i survived my 18th year.

now what?

The close of this school year has left me thinking.

do I really want to spend my life as a graphic designer?

working for fickle clients and fickler art directors.

I imagine that someday i'd work my way to the top and become an Art Director myself,

but there is a vast chasm of years and experience standing between now and then.

I wonder if I'll have what it takes.

or rather, will I be able to learn what I need to, to survive in the business?

It's becoming more and more apparent that school is not going to prepare me for the "real world"

sure, I'll learn plenty of techniques and 'how-to'

but will I learn how to perform in the atmosphere of the 'real world'

i have no doubt that I will have a rough time as i take my first steps into the field.

the question then becomes...

can I handle it?

do I want to handle it?

will I have the talent and the drive and focus to get the jobs that I need and then perform well in them?

I have no desire to go out and do mediocre work. It's all or nothing.

I had a chat with my wonderful teacher and another fellow today, they've both been in the field for years and know their stuff.

I learned more practical knowledge in the hour that I sat and listened to them, then I have all year long in all my classes.

does anyone else see a problem with this?

I realize that I need an education because that is what the business world has deemed necessary.

but can't i expect more from it?

I aim to learn how to ask the right questions and to challenge the teachers so that I get everything I possibly can out of these few years I'll spend in school.

My teacher pointed out to me today that I am at a point in my life, design-wise that I can do whatever I want.

This is my one chance to do crazy things with zero restrictions. I'm going to do my darndest to take full advantage of it.

God has always been good to me, and I live an incredibly blessed life no matter where i go or what i do. i couldn't be more thankful for that.

So i guess it's just figuring out where to go from here.

I'll be in Mackinac this summer, i leave in exactly one month. It'll be good to get away, have a change of scenery, gather new inspiration and experience.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

19 down.... ??? to go...

i just have to say, a grandmother's logic is amazing.

my grandparents called me today,

Biba & Bibo my cuban grandparents.

They sang happy birthday to me, then Biba (my grandmother)
proceeds to tell me how wonderful i am.

she also explains that today is the pope's birthday and he is famous,

but i am even better than the pope because i am related to them (my grandparents)

and the pope isn't.


then, she tells me that 19 is almost 20, and that's good

because once i'm not a teenager i won't have any more problems.


i love my grandparents! :D


aside from that, my birthday has been rather unventful, but good.

Jordan made me probably some of the best cake i've ever had (not even kidding)

and they sang happy birthday (though somewhat lackluster) when i walked into class, it was cute. hehe

i got lunch free at bogies, but that's cause i did the caricature for them, not cause it was my birthday.

but lunch...awesome. :D

i went to the library for a while, got some more books on mackinac! yay.

good day. very good day. :)

it's going to be a good year.

18 was officially a complete year of firsts. None of which I regret.

I learned a lot and have grown exponentially as a person. Things can only move upwards from here >_<
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Endeavors of a...

I don't really know....

I've been neglecting this poor blog, It's not that nothing is happening

It's just that I haven't really been do...anything, these last few weeks.

I've got several final projects for school, and those started...sort of...

most of them are due within 2 weeks time too!

I really just need to get my act together, finish school

then I can focus on Mackinac!

I was out biking today, and oh man did i wish i was back on the island more than ever!

there was a storm blowing in, so there was a cool breeze, like there often ison the island

it was getting dark

i was biking around with my friend catching up on life


i can't wait to be on the island

the warm weather just makes it worse

reminds me SO much of the island

ack...May can't come soon enough!


anyhoo...back to reality....ugh

that's how i feel about everything









I'm getting my new car in a few days

a '96 Nissan Sentra. i'm pretty excited, it's a nice lil car.