Tuesday, February 19, 2008

so...uh..about that tea...

i swear, not even 24 hours after i wrote that last post

some schmuck waltz into my life

and well, now we're dating

oh the irony


really i like him

quite a bit

he's fun, cute, nice, etc

so, we'll see what happens

at this point i'm not totally attached

actually...it's still a little strange being 'with' someone.

I still need my space at times, but he's nice to have around :P

oy...i'm really not sure just yet.

a part of me is practically bustin' ready to bolt in quite the opposite direction

but then a part of me really loves it

the part that likes the idea of tea. heh

but...i think that if i don't give this a shot, i never will...i mean...with anyone

not seriously.

i am ridiculous.......


i took a trip to mackinac island this last weekend...

it was freaking cold.

but fun. sledding...way fun.

got a wee bit awesome saturday night...heheh...

though...i've realized that there are certain people whom i love dearly but cannot travel with...

they drive me fucking crazy.

i'm very much looking forward to this summer

when i can have my space if need be...


i didn't realize really until this weekend how much i really need space to breath

when i don't have any obligations to anyone

i don't have to talk to anybody or deal with anyone

just time to chill


the semester is nearly half-way over.

summer will be here before i know it.

i wonder how much i'll change this year...

it's been a doozy....

i turned 18 and went to hell....heh...really though...i've changed so much, and done just about everything a 'typical' young adult does in the last year...

nonetheless it's been a good year and i wouldn't change anything for the world.
Saturday, February 9, 2008

Men are Like Tea

well..sort of

I think that men are like tea for me

They come in a variety of different flavors, and colors and shapes etc

Now here's the thing with me and tea

I love the idea of tea

brewing a nice pot

curling up with a hot cup of sweetened tea and a good book or movie...

and i often think to myself..."I should drink some tea..."

so every now and again I'll make myself a cup of tea...

and really...i don't like it that much

it doesn't matter how strong i make it, or how much sugar i put in or cream or whatever

in the end

i prefer coffee

however i love the idea of drinking tea

i love looking at teapots

and looking at all the different flavors of tea, and all the different tins and containers they come in

but really...i don't actually like drinking tea...

now...what does this have to do with men you might ask?

here's the thing

i love the idea of having a guy

i love looking at guys

i love talking to guys

i may even have an escapade or two with one

but in the end

i like my freedom more, i like being unattached and able to go wherever i want, whenever i want, with whomever i want.

so...tea = relationships
coffee= independence

and i'm ok with that. for now. :)

I think i'll just leave it at that.
Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

i am probably one of the most ridiculous procrastinators i have ever met...

this is me sitting down to do homework...

get out homework...look at it...maybe

think about doing my homework

sign on to AIM

check e-mail

check facebook

check i-am-bored

use firefoxes stumble feature, get lost on the web for about an hour

check facebook

shuffle through my music

get a snack

think about my homework

clean up my desk

re-organize the files on my computer

check facebook

pick a different genre of music to listen to

go to the bathroom

go practice my violin

play the fife

putz around on the piano

if no one's home sing whatever showtunes i can remember

look up the lyrics to the songs i don't remember

check facebook

Play Wii Sports

maybe play DDR or Guitar Hero


haha, well you get the idea...Finally...the day or so before class...i'll get it done..


I'm not really sure what to make of life at the moment, it's ok. it's not like...great, but it's not horrible either.

work is going well, i do enjoy working with most of the people there. I hope that i'll be able to go back there this fall.

school is going pretty well too...i do have homework i need to get done for that...which i am currently putting off... >_<

getting pretty excited for this winter weekend on mackinac! getting pretty freakin' excited for the summer too!

I've been doing a lot of thinking these days...just about life and living and people and interacting...haven't come across anything brilliant yet :P

i had originally started this entry with an intention...but i don't recall what that was now...

i SPOSE i'll actually start on my homework now...haha...in tonights case, re-arranging my room was a part of the 'process'

i hope something exciting happens soon...i think.... >_<