Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personalization is of utmost importance

I have this inane need to always visually change my surroundings.
I typically re-arrange me room/furniture every few months. I'd do it more often if it wasn't such a pain in the ass. I also need things to be visually appealing. I have customized my mac to the point where it is so fine-tuned to my work-flow that being on other computers messes me up. Not to mention I can customize the look of every little thing on my mac, right down to the trash can icon. These things are very important to me. They have to look good and they have to be the way I want them to be.
My point of this whole tirade is that I hate windows...i know it seems unrelated but let me explain...
I've been eyeing netbooks for a couple months now. As much as i love and adore my big beautiful iMac it is not easy to transport. I figure with a netbook I can has the internets on the go and not have to worry about my iMac being up north in the fire-trap that is Mission House.
Then I got some of my tax information yesterday and found out that unemployment had paid me $300 i didn't know about! whaaaaa?! awesome! ^_^ so off I went to Best Buy to get the netbook I looked at a few days prior. "Nate" helped me out; super awesome salesperson in that he answered all my questions and didn't try to sell me crap I didn't want. Though I did pick up a few judgemental vibes when I mentioned that I'm a Mac
So I got me a shiny little Asus...something or another...i don't really know the specs of gets on the internet...that's really all i want.
HOWEVER i got it home, plugged it in, set it up and spent lots of time yelling at Ernie (my netbook) because windows is STUPID. not user friendly...or pretty. (i'm using Windows 7 Starter by the way) I was utterly miffed by the fact that upon further investigation I couldn't change my desktop background?! WHAAA?! at this point I seriously considered taking the computer back and asking them to put windows xp on it...or give me the older model with XP already on it. This is a very serious matter folks! upon even further investigation though, i figured out how to change it through some weird software that was pre-loaded on here, thank god I wasn't doomed to look at the same stupid ocean for the rest of Ernie's life!
now that that was taken care of. I like my netbook much better. It gets on the internet has a decent sized screen...( 10" i think?) and will do what i want it to..
so I'm happy with it. It's not mac. but it'll do. for now...until I can afford a macbook. :D

besides that; my fiance and I decided generally when we're going to get married (lol getting closer! better than sometime after I graduate...) sometime next spring 2011. It's gonna be a lot of work getting this wedding together; it won't be super traditional, and we'll probably be making our garments...yay >_< hehe.

also: creative interpretation has the potential to singlehandedly kill thousands of student's creativity.


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