Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh The Humanity!

2010 is here to stay, I think this year will be better than the last; there are many changes happening in my life as I'll finish college, "grow-up"(HA), plan my wedding and my farm. However I do not want to speculate too much on the future, lest I forget about the day in front of me.

Which brings me to the joys of today.*
(*note sarcasm)

Nothing like starting your day bright and early 7am (an ungodly our for a Night Owl like me.) after going to bed and hour or two before...
crawling out of bed, into the brisk cold january morning and off to my favorite* kind of class. Drawing & Composition II. I've only been taking drawing classes for 8? years now. A girl can only draw so many sphere's and cylinders and still lifes. (YAWN) I want robots! and dinosaurs! and MOOSE(s)! maybe a giraffe for good measure.
So along with the boring subject, and the same old techniques over and over and over again. I get it. highlight, shadow, reflective highlight. done. I understand that "fine arts" are the foundation for EVERYTHING...but i get it, I've jumped through the silly hoops for years. But this isn't really the point of this tirade,

my biggest pet peeve about art classes is the supply list*
(*see starving artist)
WHY do I have to buy the super-ultra-premium shiny spiral-bound huge-child-eating special drawing paper pad. WHY? Particularly for LEARNING, wtf. You know you're gonna suck, you just are, so why suck on a piece of paper, the cost of which could buy you a tasty meal. When there is perfectly good clean, white paper at a fraction of the cost, that way if you mess up it's not a big deal, no pressure, this paper only cost 10cents, less than a package of ramen. "but it's for your portfolio, and it'll last for years to come..." your instructors will chant this mantra. I'll be damned if I put CLASSWORK into a portfolio, because when taken to a prospective employer or client they'll be like 'OH, you took THAT class' because all the other students in the class have taken their work from the same assignment to them. No thanks. I'll do original stuff on my own time (using the techniques I learned on my super-cheap paper) and put THAT in my portfolio, that way when I take it to a client they'll be like 'we don't recognize these assignments' and I'll be like 'that's because I did it on my own time from my own ideas' and they'll be like 'WOW, you must be really motivated and driven and look at how creative you are! let me give you money!' So when I'm ready to create 'masterpieces' not do 'homework' THEN I'll put it on nice paper. But while I'm learning and practicing I'll use the cheap stuff, thanks.
My other issue. Size, WHY do the drawings have to be so HUGE? I mean seriously. Bigger is not always better, I like to travel quick and light, carrying around a giant pad of paper creates a lot of wind resistance and makes your person take up far more space than should be socially acceptable. I don't understand why art is "better" if it takes up entire walls. What am I going to do with a 3ft by 4ft drawing of spheres and cones? Nobody wants to put that on the wall, and since it's on the afore mentioned god-paper you can't just throw it out or burn it, (between the paper and the amount of graphite it took to cover it, that's like 3 meals!) Just because you draw big doesn't mean you draw good. I would rather on a drawing will fit in my backpack. Then there are no concerns about taking flight on your way from the parking lot to the classroom.

I refuse to believe that I have to buy expensive art supplies to create "good" art. I think it speaks more of a persons creative ability if they can create 'awesome' out of computer paper and crayons.


that's all. just rawr.

i hate art classes. ~_~

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