Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Past, Present and Forward!

The new year is almost here!
I can't believe it, while the minutes crawl, the days the years fly. I do just want to take a minute to reflect on the changes and the difficulties I've overcome in just a year. A year ago I was miserable and desperate, trapped. I was worked two terrible winter jobs, still without a penny to my name. I headed north for the summer with dreams of peace and freedom. It was a bit rocky at first, but by the end of the summer I had gained those two things, though not in the way I expected them. Now the year ends and the new one begins and I am engaged to the man of my dreams. The one God brought to me, for me, and I for him. The way we met and began to spend time together is simply to "coincidental" to be anything but a godsend. I love my darling so very much and I look forward to a happy life with him.
I'm on course now to be graduated with an Associates in Illustration by this time next year. I haven't been able to find any traditional work. But I have managed to pick up a few freelance jobs, which range from design to dogsitting. Which leaves me with a lot of time for myself. I have been trying hard not to simply waste it, though sometimes 'nothing' days are nice. After such a crazy summer it is so nice to just spend quiet peaceful days at home. I've spent lots of time creating all manner of things, catching up on my reading, learning how to do new things from the internet, spend time with my family and my darling, and dreaming about the homestead I want to someday have.

I did a lot of growing up this year. I've done a lot of growing up in the past few years. I've also learned a lot of important lessons. I learned the value of a dollar and the importance of "making-do" and also of being thrifty. I've learned what it means to be in a relationship; both good and bad. I wouldn't wish my ex on anyone, but I am thankful for the lessons he taught me, without them I wouldn't be as mature as I am now. I'm beginning to learn what it means to love someone, to be a partner or a team with your other. I've realized (and am unspeakably thankful) how fortunate and blessed I've been with the family God has given me. Not everyone has been as lucky as I have, I hope that someday I'll be able to pass that on to my kids. I'm trying to be responsible, to think ahead and pray often.

As for next year;
I'm not one for New Years resolutions. I probably won't start an exercise regime, or go on a diet (at least not until the summer) I will however do my best to stay positive through all my classes as dreary as they may be. I'll do what it takes to graduate next December.
I'll continue to strengthen my relationship with Rob, to understand him better and to love and support him, so that we have a healthy foundation for our marriage. I'll also start to formulate plans for our wedding.
I hope to make some new friends and enjoy the Island in the summer.

I eagerly await the blessings God has for me. It will be a good year.

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